RPM 2013 - Killer of Routine

by The Tyrant Love



My 2013 RPM submission, as finished March 1. All songs written/recorded February, 2013.


released March 2, 2013



all rights reserved


The Tyrant Love Newmarket, New Hampshire

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Track Name: it's all I live for
can't help but smile
been running for miles
there's pain in my chest
I'm catching my breath
turn into a dream
'cause I'm a machine

it's all I
it's all I
it's all I live for

I'm singing my song
for who knows how long
I'm young and I'm fit
I don't want to quit
I love how you say
you're happy today
Track Name: still a busy day
saw my breath in the air
looked like I'd taken a drag
had no coat, didn't care
thoughts were all that I had
I was trying to be cheerful
but this place just makes me sad

took a picture of the woods and the city
someone had painted it gray
I used to believe that everything had beauty
well something's been taken away
and I'm not about to cry about it
it's still a busy day

went back home, put my camera away
took my head out of make-believe
it's still a busy day
Track Name: half hip
tea and bread and cinnamon
wet floor where the snow's tracked in
customers with curious
pass and murmur something polite
oh we're all so polite

I am in a cafe in New Hampshire
there is not much else, believe me
standing in line in a cafe in New Hampshire
we're trying so hard to be seen

books and shelves and bric-a-brac
pretty barista with her hair tied back
expensive jacket, workaday shoes
we're half hip and half shrewd
always a little behind the new
Track Name: it was easy
I was happy flying low
I didn't know much but that I, I was free
that was all life was to me
living just to fly

it was easy, singing soft
getting lost but never scared
I was young and unaware
and when you came
I was never the same
oh, can you tell me
oh, can you tell me

how much would it cost
to get it back - all that I lost

I was lonely at times
but I had important things to do
but they were nothing compared with you
'cause when you came I was never the same
Track Name: elmer's song
Elmer's crazy rabbit was always baiting him to play
Elmer didn't want to but he chased him anyway
he never wanted to

Elmer wasn't lonely if he had a loaded gun
he wasn't good at talking 'cause he was an only son
who never went to school

Elmer was raised on a tiny farm
and his mama was especially cruel
she had a hutch of fine and fuzzy rabbits
and she made him make her rabbit stew
he never wanted to

when Elmer's gone they won't sing songs
because he won't be missed
his only true companion was a rabbit
that he kissed
he never wanted to
Track Name: how delightful, you
if I'm on a date with you
and you act strange, well please don't change
'cause nothing that you do
could make me even want to say
my mistake is you
no, how insightful
how delightful, you

nothing about your life
nothing about your day
nothing about you at all
nothing about your faults
could make me say
my mistake is you

if I'm in a lousy mood
and you're upset, well it's all good
'cause we are both stubborn fools
but I don't see how that could mean
my mistake is you
no, how insightful
and how delightful, you
Track Name: killer of routine
when your life is sailing straight
and everything that ends up on your plate
is simple and a bore
and nothing is exciting anymore

if you want to break that scene
fucking up's the only killer of routine
the killer of routine

making plans and doing right
and everything that helps you sleep at night
is easier than before
and life is just proceeding like a chore

well it may hurt and it may sound mean
but fucking up's the only killer of routine
the killer of routine
Track Name: intimacy dear
walking next to you
wind is at our backs
town is half asleep
you think we should head back
snow is on the streets
yellow from the light
when I need to rest
late into the night
I think I'm at my best

I'm an insomniac with over-thinking
so I drag you out and take you drinking

intimacy, dear
rarely has a chance
life has made that clear
we watch but seldom dance

and we toast it up to the past year
the bar is empty but we're here
I'm an insomniac with over-thinking
so I drag you out and take you drinking

I'm a movie still
frozen as the snow
that blows about this place
like someone I know
like a pretty face
Track Name: newcomer
I am a newcomer
here is my name
it looked so inviting
I paid with my shame

I'm a mystery
I have my armor on tight
no one can figure me out tonight
I have no history
but the words that I claim
it's the only way of playing this game
I get to reinvent
my world, my soul, my style
oh my god, it's been a while
I'm a newcomer

I answer before the questions came
I'm last and I'm first
and I'm more of the same
you don't know me
you don't know me
it's not important what we say

it isn't permanent
nothing lasts like that
you'll soon be seeing me as old hat
I've got to prove to you
I'm not a loser or a winner
I'd much rather be seen as a beginner
I'm a newcomer

we believe what we want to anyway
Track Name: hey
hey mom, I wrote you a song
I haven't the voice to sing
last year, you gave me a scare
why couldn't I have been there

you gave me books and read to me, mama
you gave me everything
I can never reciprocate, mama
an injustice that life will bring

hey dad, I made you mad
I was a stubborn kid
but you gave all of your time
I am so glad you did

your passion's always evident, papa
you'd run, you'd act, you'd sing
I can never reciprocate papa
an injustice that life will bring

and now I am endowed
with love for all you did